I am currently teaching GY427 - Climate Change: Science, Economics and Policy as seminar leader.

Collaborative Teaching Projects

I am fortunate to be part of Core-Econ: Economics for a Changing World, led by Samuel Bowles and Wendy Carlin. Core-econ is a paradigm change, reinventing how we teach economics. Core organizes the most exciting developments of economic knowledge of the last 30 years in a coherent empirical and theoretical framework in order to empower students to analyze the problems they care about, such as inequality, technological change, environmental sustainability, and financial crises. The Economy is the main textbook, free and open access, for undergraduate introductory level. Economy, Society and Public Policy is the companion book for students of all programme of study interested in public policy. I have co-authored the chapter on climate change and the environment of The Economy, and contributed to the development of empirical projects for the companion volume.

Complexity Science for Sustainable Development Primer, with James Rising, under contract with Columbia University Press.

This book introduces what we see as the most relevant ideas of complexity science for sustainable development, aimed at undergraduate students and the interested public.

Complexity Science 2015.

James Rising and I (with the help of Upmanu Lall and Johannes Castner) created this graduate class at Columbia University. With 2 hours of lecture and 2 hours of lab per week, tt was great fun and very productive.