I am an Assistant Professor at the Grantham Research Institute for Climate Change and the Environment. My research addresses the political economy of sustainable development, mostly in industrial democracies. During my PhD, at Columbia University, I received training in economics and political science. Before my PhD, I studied earth sciences and ecology, at MIT and ETH Zürich.

My research is mission driven. As a society, we must reorient how we grow. This means creating value in ways that have far lighter impact on ecological systems and that contribute to, rather than degrade, social cohesion. We must also reform a number of economic and democratic institutions so that ecological imperatives are more systematically and naturally taken into account.

At present, I focus on the following themes:

Directing technological change for sustainable growth: unlocking green innovation
Governing for the long-term: citizens, courts and environmental politics
Just transitions: complementarity of environmental and social policies


The case for universal climate education in higher education: A short piece here.